[Healeys] NOJ391 on ebay????

Bob Brown blkbt7 at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 3 09:09:59 MST 2008

See  http://www.fourintune.com/ah100sprototype.html 
for a little confusion on

Subject: Re: [Healeys] NOJ391 on ebay????

I can see the pics, he
certainly seems to have the description right, 
metallic green paint, 16"
wheels (didn't the very first cars have 16s) all 
aluminum body.  Anyway, the
paint is basically stripped, he said he steam 
cleaned it, which, too bad, 
although hard to say because haven't seen it, 
but I would rather see old and
scruffy original on a historic car like this 
than nw shiny paint with no
history and war wounds.  The car appears very 
complete and unrestored, has
the waterfall grill, not the oval like the S 
grill.  Shows the plate NOJ391.
I am ready to snap it up at the current price!

Greg Lemon

> Have a look at
eBay item number - 110321125324
> I can't see the photo's unfortunately. Can
> Ken Freese
> 100S Registrar

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