[Healeys] Huge pile of Healey parts

Geatros geatros at shaw.ca
Wed Dec 3 07:58:51 MST 2008

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From: Geatros
To: Philip Wilker
Sent: Wednesday, December 03, 2008 6:47 AM
Subject: Huge pile of Healey parts

I just got a phone call from a fellow named  Harry in Lynchberg Virginia.He
has a huge collection of Healey parts  and other British sports car parts for
sale, MGA, TR. ect... ( 3 tractor trailer worth) for $8000.00 USD for
everythnig !. He says he has 4 sideshift Trans., 3 engines,lots of sheetmetal,
tons and tons of parts........His Phone # is 434 942- 7181 email
missysbear at aol.com .and he can send photos.....

 I have no financial gain in this , what goes around comes around.....

Vancouver BC

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