[Healeys] Windshield to body seal????

Rich C richchrysler at quickclic.net
Tue Dec 2 19:33:50 MST 2008


I just installed the bottom seal onto a Phase 1 BJ8 assembly and it went 
quite well. It is identical to your BJ7 seal arrangement. Unfortunarely the 
BT7 roadster seal Mirek was describing is a totally different animal.
Anyway, I had the distinct advantage of having the old intact seal sitting 
on the bench in front of me. I was able to note that the ends have been 
trimmed back at about a shallow 30 degree angle to the T edges, leaving a 
length of the front flat flap extending beyond the ends of the windscreen 
posts by about another 4". These 4" flat flap ends will be tucked around the 
end of the windscreen post when installed on the car and will be trapped and 
held there by the windscreen post to front fender seal.
I began by using a bit of liquid soap and starting one end of the T portion 
into the slot about 5" from the extreme end, the forward edge of the T going 
into the slot first, and carefully pushing the rear edge of the T ino the 
slot with a blunt (so it won't cut the rubber) flat blade screwdriver. I 
worked about 4 or 5 inches of the T into the slot and then slid it down to 
the extent of the channel. With the 30 degree angle cut already done, the 
end of the T will slide along and butt into the post section. Then it was a 
case of lubricating and working the rest of the seal into the slot. At about 
12" from the other end I stopped, checked and trimmed the other end for 
final length and angle, then worked that end into the channel about 5" away 
from the end as I had done at the first end. With a few inches of it 
installed, it was slid down to the end, leaving the last few inches in 
between to be carefully slotted home.
You should be left with two flat end flaps and the complete seal in the T 

Hope this helps.

Rich Chrysler

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> From: "Randy Dickson" <rdickson at midwestarchaeology.com>
> I have been having a hell of a time trying to get my rubber seal installed 
> from the bottom of the windshield to the body on my 63 BJ7. 

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