[Healeys] Windshield to body seal????

Ed's Shop shop at justbrits.com
Tue Dec 2 19:03:06 MST 2008


<<  Any and all advice is much appreciated.>>

In other words you REALLY do NOT wish to become a permanent "guest" of the
State of Wisconsin, I surmise?!?!?

My FIVE (5) decades PLUS worth of (even JUST) LBC "advice" is take the
'assembly' & "...rubber seal" (installed from the bottom of the windshield
to the body) the whole mess to a glass shop (along with a Gift Certificate
from a NEARBY liquor store for a CASE or 2 of Wisconsin's
Finest Brew) and let them charge you $25 - $35 (and say a SERIOUS 'Thank
You' 'mantra' to the Car Gods) !!

Just ask "When should I come back to pick-up?" and LEAVE!!!

<VBSG> (defined:  Very Big SERIOUS Grin).

Experienced Ed

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