[Healeys] British Tool

Dan Stromquist dan at warner-associates.com
Tue Dec 2 07:51:27 MST 2008

I am looking for an alternative to the wood wrench M*** sells that just
comes apart after a few whacks.  I see that some use a rubber hammer filled
with beads to remove spin offs which does scuff of dent the chrome.  Does
the monster hammer work on just octagonals or is it for spin offs as well
and how well can you control the tightness?

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This thing plus a one inch ratchet or breaker bar is going to weigh about as
much as the monster lever. I think I'll stay with that.Bill Lawrence> From:
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Just to help with translation: This tool works with a 1" ratchet and they>
recommend to order a converter for 3/4" too.> > No financial interest or any
other connection (did not even know this> company before these postings).> >
Kind regards> > Reinhart> > > Reinhart Rosner> 55 AH 100 BN1> Vienna -
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Healey> Betreff: Re: [Healeys] British Tool> > OK, Alan, I give up.  Not
speaking  German or going to the translation> site,  what is used to turn
neat tool?  Air gun?> Thx,> > Bill> '53 BN1M> > Alan Seigrist wrote:>> All
->>>> Any of you have experience with this?  Might be better than carrying
the>> monster lever I have in my boot, but this thing is pretty
On another related topic, what happened to the guy who used to make all>>
these great specialty tools for our healeys?  I can't seem to find his>>
website anymore...>>>> Alan>>>> '52 A90>> '53 BN1>> '64 BJ8>>
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