[Healeys] Proper starting procedure for a BJ8

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Dave:  Your e-mail to The List came through with an attachment which, I
believe, should not happen.  It appears that I could open that attachment,
which I have NOT done.

Did you send an attachment with your e-mail?  You don't say so in your

Is it possible that a third party has 'hijacked' your address book and sent a
destructive attachment through The List?

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> ..or if you can smell fuel it's also possible that it is flooded. Pull a
> spark plug or two and inspect for wet plugs.
> Dave
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> Jorge,
> BJ8's are notorious for needing lots of choke to start from cold. Settings
> you can get away with in warmer weather will not be nearly enough in cold
> weather.
> I would recommend removing the upper suction chambers and pistons so you
> observe two things.
> 1. are the jets actually dropping adequately to allow a very rich mixture
> for cold starting, and
> 2. as you suspect, is there fuel getting there from possibly sticking float
> needle/seat assemblies.
> Rich Chrysler
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>>I am having a hard time trying to get my Healey to
>> start after a two month slumber. It cranks, there is
>> spark, and I can smell the gas but it just doesn't
>> want to start. My procedure is to pull the choke all
>> the way out (regardless of ambient temperature), turn
>> key and let the fuel pump run for about 30 seconds
>> before cranking. Yesterday I tried to get it started
>> and after half an hour I gave up. I tried last week
>> and after half an hour gave up.
>> Could the carburetor needle valves be sticking and
>> preventing gas from flowing into the intake? I
>> replaced the needle valve with Gross Jets a few years
>> ago because the needele valves would stick open.
>> Thanks
>> Jorge
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