[Healeys] Rear End Alignment Redux

Alan Seigrist healey.nut at gmail.com
Sun Dec 30 21:00:45 MST 2007

Bob -

If you have 6" rims that could very well be the problem.  Even with your
standard 72 spoke 5.5" rims and 18570R15s you will only have a marginal
amount of clearance in the rear wheel well.  The fact that you've gone to 6"
rims could very well be the straw that breaks the camel's back and causes
your tires to rub.  If there's no damage to your tire's sidewalls, I'd
accept it for what it is and live with it... or get 5.5" rims.  The 6" rims
give you no added benefit if you are running 18570R15 tires - in fact you
would be better off with 5.5" rims in that case.  With 6" rims you should go
to 205-60R15s.


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On Dec 28, 2007 11:45 AM, Bob Spidell <bspidell at comcast.net> wrote:

> I'm running 15" X 6" Daytons with Vredestein Sprint Classics 185/70R15.
>  Have no idea what the offset is, but these were the wheels recommended by
> Bruce Erfer when he owned BWW (he was a Healey, Jag and MGTF owner, and knew
> his wheels).
> Still, offset or no, why the rubbing on one side only?  Rich's explanation
> makes (a little) sense, since if the right is the driving wheel would mean
> left turns could be a little "fiercer" than right.  FWIW, I have no rubbing
> problems whatsoever with the front wheels.
> bs
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