[Healeys] Spacer Ring?

Rich C richchrysler at quickclic.net
Sun Dec 30 11:32:57 MST 2007

Hi Mike,

I've used a few of these tanks with great success and have simply removed 
and discarded the nylon ring. The original style cork sending unit gasket is 
used with a smear of Hylomar applied to both surfaces and everything 
assembled as per usual.

Make sure the tank fitting is the correct thread. If it's not, Jorge may 
still be using a standard thread same as is used on GM cars. I believe Doug 
Reid (Mr. Finespanner) has sourced out adapters for this.

Rich Chrysler

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>I recently bought an aluminum gas tank for my BN2 restoration from Jorge
> Cevera in Chula Vista near San Diego.  He also sells on Ebay.  I got a
> much lower price by picking it up directly from Jorge.  The tank is very
> nice and my original gas cap fits perfectly.  My question is about the
> plastic "spacer ring" that came with the tank.  It was attached to the
> tank by the supplied sending unit mounting screws.  It is a white plastic
> ring about 1/8th inch thick and looks like it could be some sort of a
> spacer between the tank and the sending unit.  Is this thing necessary?
> I have mounted the sending unit without it, but was just wondering what
> the heck it was for.
> Mike MacLean
> 56 BN2
> 60 AN5
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