[Healeys] 4 trim questions for my 100-4

William Berg williamsantiks at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 30 01:49:57 MST 2007

Hey Guys, I would like to know
1. The gap/break for the trunk seal where the ends meet ... Should it be at
the top or the bottom middle? It comes too long so of course I will cut it.

2. There are two holes in the rear shroud for the license plate bracket, but
where does the wiring for the license plate light pass through. Is there a
third hole?

3.The tough one... The chrome stanchions that support the folding windshield
are held to the body by two bolts that pass through the lower half of the
foot. There is a a third hole closer to the top (but still below the shroud)
that is threaded.
Does the bolt pass from within the cockpit to thread into the stanchion and
what purpose does it serve?

4. I replaced my inner wheel arch on the rear drivers side so,  inside the
trunk, where exactly should the 2 holes be drilled that are used to bolt off
the trunk support. Are they on the wheel arch itself or on the box next to it.
Anyone have a picture?
Thanks for any help -William Berg '54 BN1

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