[Healeys] 1956 BN2 distributor question

Bert Van Brande bertvanbrande at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 29 12:47:23 MST 2007

First of all Best Whishes to all.

My 1956 BN2 restoration is slowly progressing as money
and time allows. I have a (detail) question for which
I find no answer in the archives.

My march 56 BN2 # 231391 came with an extra part ie. a
BN1 engine in parts and boxes.  As a result I have 2
distibutors, marked 40320E and 40320F.  Based on my
search in the archives the 40320A is the BN1 type
distributor. (not sure what the E and F stand for,
maybe later replacement distributors)  The one marked
"E" seems to be within spec with 0.007" endplay and no
lateral play, could probably use a new washer between
body/drive dog.  Not the exactly the 40495 distributor
I see listed in the archives as correct for BN2 but ok
to use I guess.

I also have 2 breaker plates (unmarked) and vacuums 
one stamped 420006 with 90 degree post advance
(7-18-12) correct for BN1 but broken/repairable and 1
stamped 421947 (7-18-12) working with a coil/spring
type connection.

I sourced later BN2 (post 230361) pertronix kit and
they match this second plate perfectly.  In fact they
don't match the other plate (with 90 degree post).  My
question is if this second type plate with coil type
vacuum connection is the one for the later BN2. (my
current assumption)

Cheers and Happy Healey-days.

Bert Van Brande
Newbury Park, CA
56 BN2 

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