[Healeys] 100 trim pieces on ebay

Steven Mickelson stevemickelson at sbcglobal.net
Sat Dec 29 03:59:03 MST 2007

My apologies, John,

For misunderstanding your position and my thanks for all your work.

Regards and Happy 2008!

Steve Mickelson

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From: John Harper ah at jharper.demon.co.uk


I must take issue with you on this. I have never said that I do not 
collect and record this sort of information. The issue was that I don't 
see much value in publishing this on our UK WEB site when there is much 
more useful information to add when time and effort allows. As you know 
I most likely publish at this time more 100 register information than 
anybody else does.
>From this you can see that I do keep all records and do follow things up 
but at the same time I do not see this sort of information being more 
important than other Register information that I am working on.

Please believe me; no information is ignored or discarded.

John Harper

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