[Healeys] Rear End Alignment Redux

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Fri Dec 28 08:19:09 MST 2007

Looks like a few other Listers have the same or similar problem, though 
most of the replies were from owners of pre-BJ8 cars with panhard rods.

Alan Seigrist suggested worn U-bolts and/or shackles, which I will check 
ASAP.  But, I wonder why worn shackles and/or U-bolts would manifest the 
rubbing only on hard left cornering--if there was slop in the rear 
suspension, I would think I'd get the rubbing turning both ways.  I'm 
wondering if there is some sort of built-in bias--in both panhard and 
radius arm cars--that causes the rear-end to be either skewed to the 
left or to move leftward more than to the right when cornering (this 
makes sense with panhard rod cars, but not radius arm).  If there was 
such a bias it would probably affect how the car corners--any racers 
noticed this?

Thanks for any and all input.


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