[Healeys] Healeys, 6 Cyl. Roadster Assembly Order

Rich C richchrysler at quickclic.net
Thu Dec 27 16:52:55 MST 2007

Dan , et al,

First of all I cannot imagine starting to install any of these items until 
all the outer body panels are completely installed and fitting perfectly. 
That is to say, the shrouds, all 4 fenders, then the doors. The front 
fenders on the 6 cylinder models muct be installed before the doors go on 
because the hinges go partially over the rear mounting flanges of the front 

I also cannot figure why the scuttle seals need to be installed before the 
doors. The installation of these scuttle seals is not impaired in any way by 
the doors being in place. In fact they really need to be there as part of 
the fitting and adjusting of the scuttle seals for optimum fit that will not 
cause clearance problems when trying to close the doors. The portion of the 
scuttle seal that fastens to the front fender rear flange only goes down 
past the top of the upper hinge by about 3/4" so must be trimmed so it 
doesnt go further. Also it's outer edge of rubber will need to be trimmed 
back a bit so it doesn't protrude out of the door gap when the door is 

Now, with all exterior body panels and scuttle seals fitted, I'd suggest 
installing the dash pad next. This must be completely installed ( including 
demister vent strips, dash mirror, turn button fasteners and trim screws) 
before the windscreen assembly is installed so all dash pad screws are 
accessible. Final adjustment of windscreen rake needs to be dealt with along 
with the fitting and adjustment of the sidescreens as they fit onto the 
doors, so all sidesreen leading edge angles and seals fit properly. make 
sure the windscreen post seals and the screen to shroud seal lip are fitted 
properly with the post pad squashing the end of the bottom seal lip. I've 
seen lots of these installed wrong with the bottom lip stopping at the post 
seal bead, allowing a leak. I have had good luck improving the sealing of 
this area by first squeezing automotive dum dum into the area under the post 
pad and all around the post where it passes down through it's mounting slot 

Rich Chrysler

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> If I'm following the logic of the assembly order correctly, the doors w/
> side screens would go on first with scuttle seals attached (after first
> trial fitting the scuttle seals between the dash top pad and shroud),
> then the front shroud (not forgetting the 3M strip caulk where needed),
> then the dash top pad at which point the other ends of the scuttle seals
> would be installed between the dash top pad and the shroud (thanks again
> Rich for the "how to"), then the mirror (and turn buttons/long Tenax
> stud/trim screws with cup washers), then the windshield and finally the
> wings. Do I have the sequence right and have I missed anything?
> Dan White
> 1962 BN7 Mk II

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