[Healeys] Insurance Coverage, the real value.

Ron Fine RonFineEsq at earthlink.net
Tue Dec 25 11:16:21 MST 2007

I don't usually get involved in defending my profession but this calls for 
some response.  It looks to me like that Jag owner needs a "nasty lawyer" to 
fight for him.  I assume that Farmers is the insurer of the Hummer which 
re-ended the Jag.  The Jag owner may need to sue the Hummer driver for the 
accident  to get the full cost of repairs.  Farmers will not roll over and 
give the Jag the true cost of repairs without a fight.   It will take a good 
"nasty lawyer" to win against Farmers in court, or even just negotiating. 
Lawyers are never needed until you need one to fight for you.  Of course, if 
you have a good insurance company like Hagerty, you could ask Hagerty to fix 
the Jag under your collision policy and leave it to Hagerty's lawyers to go 
after the Hummer driver for the subrogation claim.

Ron Fine

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>> > This picture from a friend on a Jag forum, mentioning the $12,000 offer
>> > from Farmer's Insurance (covering the Hummer) to make repairs to the
>> > Jag, in the Hummer vs. XK-E rear-ender.
> One has to wonder, was the Jag insured with one of the classic car 
> insurance
> companies? If so, the client simply backs out of the discussion, leaving 
> it to
> Hagerty, or American Classic, or whomever, to go after the $25-$30k or 
> more
> that it will probably cost to put this one right (What does it cost to 
> repair
> the monocoque of an E-Type?). I mean, the Hummer could just as easily have 
> hit
> an Aston or Pooch or whatever. Wonder if the Farmers' agent thinks that 
> this
> is just some old sports car and the owner will be grateful for whatever he 
> can
> get. Remember, you don't pay your insurance fees just to get coverage, you 
> pay
> to get legal support for legitimate claims and to defend you against nasty
> lawyers.
> Cheers
> gary

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