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Sun Dec 23 20:06:56 MST 2007

Hi Dan,
This company, Frederique Constant, was a sponsor at our  2005 AHCA Conclave 
in Winston-Salem, NC, USA.  They produced a beautiful watch that comes with 
a 1/18 KYOSHO model Austin-Healey Tri-carb with a BRG exterior, Black 
interior and fabulous detail.  The doors, bonnet and boot open, steering 
works, etc.. The entire product was delivered in a beautiful wooden box as 
you describe (but not a humidor).  Their representative was here and was 
most knowledgeable regarding our cars, although I can't recall his name.
Of course, I'm also not reliably sure of my own address!
I am not sure that this is still available, although it was sold for a while 
through the AHCA magazine, Healey Marque.
Gary Brierton
'67 BJ8 aka The Silver Bullet
See y'all in San Diego

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> I'm sitting in my favorite cigar store yesterday, enjoying another one of 
> my
> vices, cigars. I look over on the wall with the humidors and I see a box 
> with
> a miniature Healey in a finely crafted European wooden box resembling a
> humidor. I asked the clerk about it and he tells me that there's a watch 
> that
> comes with the model and box. He goes and gets the watch and proceeds to 
> tell
> me about it. It's a Frederique Constant FC303 with a Healey ensignia on 
> the
> dial and a map of a race course on the back.
>  I checked it out on the internet today and this company helps to sponsor 
> 2
> races in Europe, one in LeMans and the other in Heidleberg. There is a
> separate watch for each course with a limited production of 888 watches 
> per
> event.
>  The odd thing I noticed was that everything said "Healey" instead of 
> "Austin
> Healey". Has anyone heard of these before? They are quite pricey but I 
> have a
> weakness for Healey things and cigars and .......
>  Best wishes to all on this list for a Merry Christmas and another year of
> friendship to all.
> Dan Serrao
> 1963 BJ7
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