[Healeys] BN 1, 2 heaters

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Okay, this is relatively easy to fix. Pop the outer spring clamps off the 
heater assembly to gain access to the fan. Examine the fan blades to see 
exactly where the blade or blades are hitting. It may be as simple as gently 
bending a blade back into alignment. If it's all the blades hitting, and 
they all look even to each other, the fan may have slipped on the shaft. The 
fan is positioned on the motor shaft with a locking collet nut. Ths can be 
easily loosened and the fan adjusted so it will clear everything. Reassemble 
the cover and test for clearance.

Please don't contaminate your Healey with other foreign crap. She won't like 
it at all!

Rich Chrysler

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>I drive this BN2 all year, but it's getting colder the older I get! The fan
> blades are hitting something in there and are making a "clang, clang,
> ding,dinging" that keeps me from turning on the darn thing. Has anyone 
> found a
> replacement that fits and works? (From a Pinto or an 81 Mercury or a 
> Corolla?)
> Of course I'll save the correct heater, etc.
> Mike Gougeon 56BN2
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