[Healeys] side lamp harness

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Sat Dec 22 15:52:31 MST 2007

Hi Gary,

I am also currently assembling a Phase 1 BJ8. These early "behive" style 
glass lens sidelamps seem to have the same harness arrangement as the 
earlier roaadster and BJ7 cars. That is the 3 PVC coated wires come out of 
the back of the lamp boot and are braided together with a thin band of tape 
wrap every 10" or so. The harness tucks back onto the side of the rubber 
boot and is held there with a rubber O ring rolled over the boot body and 
the harness. The harness then goes inboard past the splash shield and up to 
it's respective connectors.

Rich Chrysler

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>I need some help understanding the details of the wiring harness that feeds
> the parking/turn signal lamps on a BJ8 phase 1.
> First, I assume the wires are PVC, but I can't figure out if the covering 
> was
> cloth or PVC, if any covering. If cloth, was there a color trace? Is the
> correct harness available somewhere?
> Thanks,
> Gary Hodson
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