[Healeys] Maroon color

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As I recall, it also had "stone guards" on it's headlights.  Beautiful, 
beautiful.  I think I saw it even before Indiana (Conclave-2000).  Maybe 
Charlotte, 1985?
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> =todd,
> one of the most striking non original color combinations i ever saw was on 
> a 100-6 many years ago in indiana.  it was a burgundy over dove gray with 
> a dove gray interior with burgundy piping.  i can't remember what color 
> the carpet was, however, either color would look great.
> cheers,
> jerry
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> Does any one have some idea about a maroon color for a Healey 100-6, I
> think I'd like to paint
> my car a maroon color with tan interior when I get to that point.  I
> assume tan is not common,
> special order for the carpets and panels??  I see Heritage has a
> biscuit.  I like the 1967 corvette maroon...
> Or the classic Healey blue to-tone with navy or French blue.  Any one
> have any pics of a maroon Healey
> with tan inside??
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