[Healeys] Maroon color

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Fri Dec 21 16:27:08 MST 2007


<<Healey 100-6, I think I'd like to paint my car a maroon color>>

For an almost "perfect" answer, see "Feldman's Fleet" in "Big Healeys" in
"Special Cars & Special People" at www.justbrits.com   !!!

I do not re-call the interior but it IS one of the most beautiful
colours/paint job I have EVER seen.  Gary did it himself.  At nite it looks
like a huge Bing Cherry!!!  Even tho technically speaking it is "red"<G> and
is quite similar to the late '50s 'Vette(s) "maroon"!!  When I (if ever) get
around to doing my car it WILL be that colour!!

Happy Holidays to all !!

'63 BJ-7 (Hortense THE Healey wearing STD IL plates    AH BJ 7    !!
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