[Healeys] Maroon color

Alan alanb at nfahc.co.uk
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You beat me to it John.
A few of us Brits were at Vermont for Conclave this year and all agreed that
the BJ7 of DougT was a superb colourway. It had a very solid look that was
in harmony with the period.  More modern Burgundy type colours can look out
of place on the classic Coker lines.

See it here.........

It got the Brit vote.
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You might check out Doug Tolbert's BJ7, which won an award at conclave 
this year, as well as at the event
at the BMW plant in Carolina, and the Waynesboro, VA show.  A very 
pretty color, if not original.

click on the number for a photo


Taylor, Todd S wrote:
> Does any one have some idea about a maroon color for a Healey 100-6, I
> think I'd like to paint 
> my car a maroon color with tan interior when I get to that point.  I
> assume tan is not common, 
> special order for the carpets and panels??  I see Heritage has a
> biscuit.  I like the 1967 corvette maroon...
> Or the classic Healey blue to-tone with navy or French blue.  Any one
> have any pics of a maroon Healey
> with tan inside??

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