[Healeys] RH fender mounting

Mark and Kathy mgtrcars at galaxyinternet.net
Fri Dec 21 05:37:33 MST 2007

Lin,   I'm not sure about your answer but I do remember a suggestion to
leave the blower motor unattached so you can move it around a bit to get to
the area your speaking.   Install the blower screws later.

Good Luck,   Mark

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> Sometime in the last five years I recall reading a suggestion to deal
> with the
> difficulty of accessing that awkward third bolt on the right hand
> fender. As I
> recall, the person offered that if you place the fender nut on the
> shroud rather
> than the fender at that location, you can put that bolt in from the
> fender side
> rather than having to reach around the cooling hose on the engine side.
> I am going to be mounting my front shroud and fenders this weekend and
> wondered about the suggestion. Does the idea work?
> Wisdom from the list?
> Thanks.
> Lin
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