[Healeys] 3000 brake fluid resevoir

Dan Stromquist dan at warner-associates.com
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Paul & Ken
If you are using silicon as brake fluid, any tight fitting rubber washer
would do.  My reservoir had steal holding down rubber on the inside and
aluminum on the outside.

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I did mine with a deep socket.

However, be warned, each side of the "nipple" has a rubber gasket that stops
the leaking.....you will destroy this gasket when you take the "nipple" off.
They must be replaced with a brake fluid resistant material.  I made mine
with some old tire tube....but took me a few times to get it right.


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Any tips on taking the nipples out of the can so that I can clean and
repaint? The nipple in the center tube is turning and I don't have
sockets that fit down the tube.

Ken Freese
65 BJ8
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Healeys at autox.team.net

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