[Healeys] Steve McQueen's Healey

Freese, Ken Kendall.Freese at Aerojet.com
Thu Dec 20 09:53:45 MST 2007

I thought that the last 100S listed as Lost in North America on the
Register might have a Steve McQueen connection. Alas, not to be. 100S
Serial number 3508 is in Ohio needing an engine and restoration. I was
contacted by the owner a couple of weeks ago. No McQueen connection.
In the December issue of Octane Magazine, there is an article on Steve
McQueen's cars, listing a 1956 Austin Healey. The article is in
conjuction with the release of a book about his cars. The book was also
on the shelf nearby in the store. The book only lists a Sprite as owned
by McQueen. Does anyone know where McQueen's Sprite is? or is this an
error in that he only raced a Sprite owned by someone else?
Ken Freese
100S Registrar

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