[Healeys] New member with AH100-4 BN2..

Richard Korn rkorn at simnet.is
Wed Dec 19 16:43:21 MST 2007

Czesc Tadek,

Welcome to the list and congratulations on an excellent choice. I bought my 
BN2 exactly one year ago and wished I had done it 20 yrs ago.

You will find great people here to help with any questions and do get in 
touch with Rich Chrysler.He keeps the 100 register, knows everything about 
1004s and is always ready to help...

I would love to see some photos when you get it.

Wesolych Swiat!

Richard Korn

BN2 1956

p.s. are you any where near katowice?

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> Hello,
> I have just joined the group, as I managed to find my BN2 after 1/2 year
> search... The Healey is still on the way (as a matter of fact it hasn't 
> left
> the docks of New Jersey..) I should be able to take a look at it in person
> at the end of January. I live in southern Poland.  I also have a Volvo 
> 1800S
> which I restored to show standard..
> The Healy is originally from Florida, basically a 2 owner car, supposedly 
> in
> very good state.. Hopefully. :-)
> I have been reading the list archives a little and found them very
> interesting!.. I have tons of questions in my head, but I still know too
> little to make sure I know what to ask.
> So, anyway, (as you can imagine) I am very excited to get my new Healey 
> and
> will have questions soon... :-)
> Tadek
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