[Healeys] New member with AH100-4 BN2..

Tadeusz Malkiewicz tadeusz.malkiewicz at plusnet.pl
Wed Dec 19 08:02:03 MST 2007


I have just joined the group, as I managed to find my BN2 after 1/2 year
search... The Healey is still on the way (as a matter of fact it hasn't left
the docks of New Jersey..) I should be able to take a look at it in person
at the end of January. I live in southern Poland.  I also have a Volvo 1800S
which I restored to show standard..

The Healy is originally from Florida, basically a 2 owner car, supposedly in
very good state.. Hopefully. :-)

I have been reading the list archives a little and found them very
interesting!.. I have tons of questions in my head, but I still know too
little to make sure I know what to ask.

So, anyway, (as you can imagine) I am very excited to get my new Healey and
will have questions soon... :-)


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