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Larry Swift mgtd51 at comcast.net
Wed Dec 19 06:37:14 MST 2007

Doesn't the BJ8 electric tach require a loop in the wire for it to work 
correctly?  If so, the overhand knot seems to make sense.

Awgertoo at aol.com wrote:
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> gbrierton at hotmail.com writes:
> OK,  Michael, I have got to hear more about how that would work!  Can  
> somebody please explain this to a non-electrical engineer  (me)?
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> Hi Gary--
> Well, as Dave Barry says:  "I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP!"  I was  shown this 
> trick when I was a young kid hanging around the shop of an old  geezer mechanic.  
> He simply said that the knot "cancelled" the EMI  (electromotive interference) 
> and it did work, at least on my car, a TR3.   Now this was for an AM radio 
> and back then (1958 or so) ignition wires  were, I am sure, solid copper.  
> Perhaps resistor wires would do  as good or better job but Dan said he did not want 
> to use them.
> You're not the only Doubting Thomas in the group and subsequent to my post  I 
> did a bit of google searching for anything online about this.  Go  to 
> _http://www.overclockers.com/tips1132/index03.asp_ 
> (http://www.overclockers.com/tips1132/index03.asp)   and  scroll down till you find the following:
> "Al Smith aka oldbrave says:   
> "This is not A NEW IDEA!  
> In 1956 and 1957, Ford Motor Co. used this very simple solution  on the coil 
> wire of the Thunderbird to greatly reduce EMI to the radio and it  had no 
> apparent effect on the operation of the Ignition system! As a matter of  fact, 
> it's something that knowledgeable collectors look for in the  identification of 
> original and/or properly restored cars!"  
> Twisting wires cancels or reduces magnetic interference--for example the  
> positive and negative wires running to DC compass lights on boats are  always to 
> be twisted so that they will not induce a magnetic effect on the  compass card 
> when the circuit is energized. 
> That's about all I can tell you--perhaps Dan will share with us how it worked 
>  out for him. 
> Best--Michael Oritt 
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