[Healeys] Antennas

G. Brierton gbrierton at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 17 19:21:01 MST 2007

OK, Michael, I have got to hear more about how that would work!  Can 
somebody please explain this to a non-electrical engineer (me)?

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> Dan--
> I have a clamp-on antenna that I mount on the rear bumper support and run
> the wire in through the rubber gasket with no need to drill any hole. 
> You can
> get extensions for the antenna to reach the radio.
> As to the static, if the coil-distributor lead is long enough try
> disconnecting one end and tying a simple overhand knot in the wire and 
> then
> reconnecting it.  A guy showed me this years ago and it actually  worked.
> Best--Michael Oritt

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