[Healeys] Antennas

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Mon Dec 17 20:25:54 MST 2007


<<I have checked all the local stores and looked over what is found on the
internet and most everything I found, other than the electric jobs, is very
cheap and does not look good or appear that they would fit right.>>

I found this gent a year or so ago and would think he would be you answer.


If I was replacing the one on my BJ-7
(Hortense THE Healey wearing STD. IL plates    AH BJ 7    ),
I would go the electric route!!

I also do have a POS grd. Motorola AM pushbutton radio (which I am SERIOUSLY
considering having the guts re-done on to (available)FM & stereo but in org.
casing/face (still + grd).

Also, I learned a very long time ago (asuming LHD car) that antennas are way
better of on the LEFT side of car.  Too close to low hanging branches or
protuding BIG bush branches will NOT ruin it<G>!!


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