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Several years ago there was considerable discussion on the list about the 1957 Sebring race and the three Austin Healey cars in that event.  
  A friend of mine sent me this ebay auction for a photo of Austin Healey #25 which I thought might be of interest.  See eBay Item number: 220183814651
  If I'm not mistaken, this is a shot from the 1957 Sebring race with #25 Austin Healey Special 2680cc driven by Gill Geitner/Ray Cuomo and entered by Hambro.   During the race, Ray Cuomo in Car # 25 struck a curb due to being forced off line. The car made it back to the pits where temporary repairs were carried out.  The photo in the auction seems to have been taken after the temporary repairs were completed.  Cuomo finished the race in 26th place.  The attached MSWord file contains photos that seem to fit together.  Very interesting.
  --Scott Morris;  Simcoe, Ontario, Canada;  60 MkI BN7, 62 MkII BT7
  PS: Yes, I know attachments are stripped from the Healey List.  You can see the first two photos at the following website.
  Starting Line up & accident : http://www.healeysix.net/Streamliners.htm 

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