[Healeys] Indicator (parking & signal) lamps

Michael Salter msalter at precisionsportscar.com
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Hi Gary,
For a Phase 1 the earlier side light boots are correct. I think you will
find that yours have expanded over the years and that the shorter ones will
fit fine.
As I recall the earlier cars used springs under the contacts of the sockets
but the later ones used rubber tubes to provide the contact pressure. The
ones with the rubber tubes, i.e. not the earlier spring types, would be most
correct for a Phase 1 BJ8.
I probably have some original clear glass lenses but I don't recall their
having LUCAS cast into them. 

Michael Salter
100 (1953)
AHX12 (1953)
Bugeye (1961)

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I am working on a '64 BJ8, Phase 1 with the small glass single indicator 
lamps in the front & rear. The same as on all earlier 100-6's & 3000's.
lists two rubber boots, short (2-3/8" overall) & long (3-1/4" overall). My
old one 
measures 2-5/8" overall. The short one seems too short & the long one seems 
way too long. Are there any other sources that provide a better fitting
If not, which one do you recommend? Also, Moss lists two bulb holder 
assemblies, early spring type & replacement type. Which would be most
original for my 
year car? Last, I am in need of one clear lens, with "Lucas, Made in
etc., on it. I am assuming Moss's doesn't say that on it (they are closed as
type this), so does anyone have one for sale? 
Gary Hodson   

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