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Older tubes had a larger valve stem.you can use this style of wheels . You will need a grommet to fill the large hole in the wheel. Go to www.hendrixwirewheel.com to see how to determine the condition of your wheel splines snd the splined hubs on your car.
---- Paul Barnes <fiat500f at aol.com> wrote: 
> Hi,
> So I'm (still) helping my friend with his 1954 100-4 and I have a question
> about his wire wheels.  They are 60 spoke, so not original to the 100-4 (but
> still pretty old), but here is the odd thing.  The holes in all four wheels
> where the valve of the tube comes through is BIG.  Most holes I've seen in
> wheels where a valve from a tube comes through are just slightly bigger that
> the valve, but the wheels on my friends car have holes just a bit larger that
> a quarter.  I can see the base of the valve and a good bit of tube around it.
> So, what's the deal here?  Did older tubes have larger valves that required a
> larger hole, or has someone, (the Dreaded Previous Owners),  made the holes
> bigger?  Opinions please.
> Lost in the Sea of Holes,
> Paul B.
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