[Healeys] How Bout them Rear Seats, Wow!

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Are you referring to the lacing down of the rear seat covers through the 
series of holes in the seat pan? This keeps the pleated portions down and 
smooth while allowing the outer U shaped perimeter to be pulled smoothly 
into place with even pressure and without glue.

On a properly constructed set of rear seat covers incorporating the tie 
downs, this is a very simple procedure. On the other hand if these laces 
were not incorporated into the construction of the seat covers, I could see 
where you are sounding frustrated.

I've seen some of the cheaper improperly constructed rear seat covers thet 
seem to rely on adhesive to keep the pleated portion down in its proper 
place, and over time with dampness, hot sunshine, etc. the glues can let go, 
leaving the area looking very poor. The factory must have obviously realized 
this and incorporated the lacing down of the panels.

Lastly, "concourse" is a walkway, "concours" is a contest.<grin>

Rich Chrysler

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> Well I have now been inducted into the Hall of Ridiculous Brit car 
> Procedures.
> "Stitching in the Rear Seats"   What a PITA!
> I see why Moss cut most or this stressful operation from there video tape.
> Surely with all the high tech adhesive products that we have now, there 
> must
> be a better way.
> After all I don't expect to have Bimbo the Elephant sitting in my back 
> seat
> any time soon.
> Wouldn't a good adhesive be acceptable in this area.
> Patiently waiting to hear what others have used in this area.
> And just out of curiosity, is this a concourse area that is judged on?
> No,  no concourse here,  just curious because it is such an unobtainable
> area.
> Thanks,  Mark
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