[Healeys] All Healey Stuff to Bulk/spam.....

J. Scott Morris jstmorris at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 13 18:19:33 MST 2007

Welcome Carl.  And congratulations.  Now you are going to have all members of the Healey List scrounging local garage sales.
  About the Healey Stuff to Bulk/Spam - your email landed in my Yahoo bulk box.  Now, I did not flag previous emails that fell into the bulk box but my recollection is that not all addresses were from a Yahoo source.  As previously mentioned, it may be due to various ISP's going overboard with their spam protection.  My own opinion is that it may be due to individual security systems.  In my case, I use Trend Micro PC-cillin and receive updates almost daily.
  My guess.  Anyway, I review my bulk box before I dump it.
  --Scott Morris; Simcoe, Ontario, Canada
Carl Johnson <healeys at carlivar.com> wrote:
  Yup Yahoo employee here with an Austin-Healey. A 1966 BJ8. I bought it about a month ago at a garage sale believe it or not. My dad spotted it off in the corner, called me with the details, and I bought it over the phone with his help.

It has '91 sticker on the original California black license plates. Basically it has been sitting for over 15 years (in a garage mostly). 99% rust-free. The only speck of rust is in the back inside of the trunk (er, boot) and that's just surface stuff that will sand off. No rust anywhere else. It is from the Palm Springs desert area.

Here's some pics from when we first brought it home and started cleaning it up:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/9394028@N06/sets/72157603280322240/ 

I now have the carbs plus clutch & brake master cylinders off in order to rebuild them all...

Anyway my "day job" is at Yahoo! So search the web with Yahoo please,  not that other G word... :)

I just joined the list a few weeks ago and been meaning to introduce 
myself. Had to step in and help when I saw a Yahoo problem!

J. Scott Morris - Keep Smiling, Murphy Lives
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