[Healeys] All Healey Stuff to Bulk/spam.....

Earl Kagna kags at shaw.ca
Thu Dec 13 14:05:45 MST 2007

Same here in the west - never had a problem like this with Shaw before - no 
changes on my computer.  Something funny happening.

Earl Kagna
Victoria, B.C.
BT7 tri-carb

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And me...just happened this afternoon.. and I have made no changes to my

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Same is happening to me on my yahoo account.  However, my habit is to
visually scan my bulk mail box before dumping it.  I have usually found that
there is one or two that I actually want. Number of Healey listing emails to
my bulk file has noticablly increased within the last 3 days.
  --Scott Morris; Simcoe, Ontario, Canada

Robert Blair <rnbmail at yahoo.com> wrote:
  Hi listers,

Most healey listing emails are now going to my bulk file intended for
known spam - is this happening to others of you?

I have not changes any settings on my yahoo email.

Robert, San Jose.

Robert N. Blair
65 Yellow BJ8
rnbmail at yahoo.com

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