[Healeys] 100/6 Washer Jet

J. Scott Morris jstmorris at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 12 14:54:45 MST 2007

Hello Michael;  The first attachment contains pictures of both a single washer jet and a dual water jet.  Each picture is also provided in a bmp format.  Hope this is what you are looking for.
  By the way, I just got the December issue of Austin Healey Magazine with your Targa Newfoundland story.  You and Michael Oritt certainly had an interesting and fun time.  And congratulations on winning first in class and co-winners of The Spirit of Targa Award.  Regarding the rebuild of AHX12, I can assure you that those 353 days you wrote of will vanish in very quick fashion.  [ Did you ever get your 100S rebuilt after your get-together with the Volvo 1800?  ]  
  Michael(s), I truly envy your adventures.  
  --Scott Morris; Simcoe, Ontario, Canada   
  Michael Salter <msalter at precisionsportscar.com> wrote: << If anyone in Healeyland has a good picture of an early 100/6 windshield washer jet, the one with 2 outlets. I would very much appreciate their sending a copy to me at msalter at precisionsportscar.com .  I have box of washer parts and I don't want to throw out something useful. >>

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