[Healeys] Compression test

Awgertoo at aol.com Awgertoo at aol.com
Wed Dec 12 13:13:02 MST 2007

This question is related to an MGA engine so if you aren't interested  please 
press DELETE now.
I did a compression test on the MGA engine in my Elva and got the  following 
results (reading from cylinders 1-4):
Engine cold :  156-148-137-158
Engine hot:     137-140-125-145
W/squirt of oil: 147-150-133-160
It seems that cylinder #3 is low by about 10-15% across the  board.   But 
does the fact that the oil squirt raised all readings up  proportionally point 
toward a bad exhaust valve?  Would a leakdown test be  any more significant?
Thanks--Michael Oritt

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