[Healeys] Michelin 175R15 tires and splash panels

David Z davzu29 at cox.net
Tue Dec 11 11:58:45 MST 2007


I have the same size tires on my as you on my BJ8 and my tires have rubbed 
the paint off the splash panels.
David Z.
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> Listers,
> My 1962 BN7 has Michelin 175R15 tires.  The splash panels which mount at
> the front of the right and left wheel arch are missing and I'm wondering
> if they were removed in order to provide adequate clearance for the
> front tires when making sharp right and left turns.  Question- Any of
> you have this size tire on your car with the splash panels in place and
> if so do you have adequate tire clearance?
> Regards,
> Dan White
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