[Healeys] Aluminum cockpit moulding - BT7

John Rowe jarowe at westnet.com.au
Tue Dec 11 06:15:35 MST 2007

Hi Lin

In a BT7 the 2 end screws were self tapping the other 9 were 1032 screws. 6 
went into the little 'L' shaped threaded plates and 3 had nuts and washers.

Just as shown in the Moss catalogue 'rear body fittings 100/6, 3000' page 
132 in my catalogue or  Plate RM and page R24 in the parts manual.

Worked well for me in 2001.

cheers from west oz

John Rowe
1959 3000 BT7

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> Thanks to all who responded to my question about the fastener used for
> the front-most (closest to the door) securing point for the aluminum
> moulding. Curiously, this mystery is not solved, as about half of the
> respondents indicated that a machine screw and nut were to be used (I
> heard a couple of creative approaches to placing the nut behind the
> shroud lip), while the other half said that a self-tapping screw is
> used at this connection point.
> I am going to try the self-tapping screw first - it is just so much
> easier, and I will see how it works.
> So, no definitive answer. I just wonder what an original, unrestored
> or untampered-with car uses at this location. Enquiring minds want to
> know?
> Thanks again to all who responded.
> Lin
> 1960 BT7 in restoration
> 1959 Bugeye

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