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> G'day
> I am not having success stretching my grey cells into remembering where
> I heard this story, but I'm pretty sure it was from the list.
> It concerned a bloke in the UK who owned a fully restored MGB for which
> he had 2 sets of tyres. One for more frequent use and the other for show
> use.
> The show use tyres were NOS original tyres that were fitted to 'Bs' when
> new. In other words they were 30+ years old and infrequently used. On
> the way to a car show with the old tyres fitted, one delaminated causing
> a horrific accident and sadly the bloke was killed.
> I read that somewhere and I'm wondering if anyone remembers and could
> tell where I can find the story?
> Many thanks
> Hoo Roo
> Patrick Quinn
> Sydney, Australia

I have the facts on a very similar story, except that it was in California, 
and the car was a Jensen 541 from the early fifties. Running on the original 
Dunlops on the way home from a show (close to home, so he ran on the show tires) 
he was on a freeway in Southern California when a tire blew and spun him into 
a guard rail. He was killed in the impact. Absolutely true story, I knew him 
vaguely and had featured his car in a British Car Magazine story the previous 
So the moral is, if you're going to use original stock tires for shows, don't 
mount them until you're on the outskirts of the show field, and remove them 
before going on any public road.
New tires are just too cheap to ever not use.

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