[Healeys] 100 Parts

Douglas W Flagg dwflagg at juno.com
Sun Dec 9 07:50:59 MST 2007

I have available the following parts for a 100.

 1) 2 Dunlop 48 spoke wheels rebuilt by Dayton. 

  2) NOS oil sump

  3) NOS splash pan

  4) Like new stator tube

  5) Pair of new Lucas sealed headlamps

  6) Assortment of Smiths thermostats (not sure if all or any for the
100, but give me a number and I'll check)

  7) Whitworth tap and die set

  8) NOS Lucas distributor caps (later style)

  9) New Beck/Barnley clutch plate, number 48341 preceded with a hand
written 06.

10) Cast aluminum rocker cover as per original design. Never been on a

11) Pair of demister tubes made to original specs by Roger Moment

12) King Dick open end and box wrench sets, new

13) Generator mounting brackets

14) Generator fan (NA in Moss catalog)

15) Generator pulley 

16) Fan pulley, 1B1024, Moss # 031-222 NA

17) NOS Lucas headlamp inner mounting ring, 54528191 for BN7 up

18) Roger Moment dust excluder Lucas 555415

19) Side Rod assembly, AHB 9609 NOS (For BN7 up I think)

20) Lucas 238992 NOS generator drive end bracket

21) Thermostat replacement sleeve, used when running without thermostat

If you have an interest, please contact me off the list. I will be
offering other parts as I clean out my parts
closet. thanks.


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