[Healeys] Philosophy of Sealing WW spoke heads

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Here's a brain fart.    Why not use Vaseline (its clear) .  Then clean and 
reapply every  so many years.


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> Actually, the grease is to prevent fretting between the highly-loaded 
> metal
> surfaces.  Fretting occurs when there is slight movement between highly
> loaded surfaces and metal transfer  and wear can take place.  Fretting can
> cause metal fatigue as well.  There is always going to be some slight
> relative movement between the hubs and wheels, no matter how tight the
> knockoffs are.  Having just replaced a tire and cleaned and regreased the
> splines this morning, I had a good look at the hub cone surface behind the
> wheel.  Even though I have always used plenty of grease, there is still
> evidence of fretting going on on that surface (pitting).  Fortunately,
> nothing obvious yet on the wheel or hub splines, but the splines really 
> only
> carry the acceleration and braking loads.
> I have always had a problem with grease working its way out past the spoke
> heads onto the spokes, both with the original painted wheels and the 
> Dayton
> chrome wires I installed in 1990.  Even when I am very meticulous in
> cleaning the surfaces and sealing them, the grease will still come out
> eventually.  Of course, it's dependent on how much the car is driven 
> between
> cleanings.  Even though I am liberal with the grease, I do wipe off the
> excess.  I use wheelbearing grease for spline lubrication because I buy it
> in a tub and it's convenient.
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