[Healeys] Wing to shroud anti corrosion treatment

healeybn7 at aol.com healeybn7 at aol.com
Sat Dec 8 15:10:48 MST 2007

When assembling the rear shroud and rear wings onto the chassis, should there be an anti corrosion strip (as sold by AH Spares for example) between both the wing and the shroud, and between the shroud and the inner fender/quarter panel?? Both contact areas are aluminium on steel, I think.? Seems logical then that both contact areas?should be isolated.? Which - could make assembly tricky because the isolation strips are a tar like material that will not allow much wiggle room for panel?adjustment once applied.?? 
I have also read here and there recently that a good heavy coat of paint might be sufficient to isolate from galvanic corrosion.? Maybe that depends - on how many years we are talking about.? 10 or 50 ......

Thanks for any thoughts.


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