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Fri Dec 7 14:08:16 MST 2007

As a novice with a bj8 I have more or less completed this and this is what I learned:
I removed the wishbone arm bolts by using the small fat bolt compressing against the frame technique, would I do it again, NO, its a waste of time as you will probably replace them anyway, easiest way would be to cut the front head of any knock them out, the rear arm bolt is easier as you can use a long metal bar to knock it out through the holes in the frame after removing the front ones.
Secondly the swivel/king pin will be corroded and scored so get the new one ready, I tried to knock out the fulcrum cotter pin which (as David Knock points out) will probably mushroom. Basically remove the swivel pin nut and you will probably have to heat the top trunnion to get it off the pin then remove from the stub axle. As above the swivel pin needed replacing even though it wasnt really oval, so it was away to the machine shop (Dennis Welsh) for new bushes and reaming. See my post from a couple of days for reassmbly under "king pin and thrust washer clearance".
Dont do it the hard way trying to save bits that you will replace anyway, been there done that. New bearings in the hub just got to shim them up.Just my experience!!!
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