[Healeys] Tyres for Healeys

T W ah3000me at gmail.com
Fri Dec 7 08:47:39 MST 2007

I purchased my Kuhmos from tires-easy.com this summer.   The price was about
$2 more a tire than tirerack.com.   But they were in stock, no one else had
them, and the driving season in Maine is too short to wait.  The website was
a little funky, and talking to customer service was a little funkier, but
the tires arrived 5 days after I order them.

I googled them to learn something about the company before I ordered.   I
think they're a large German company that was just getting in the US market,
so they're certainly in the UK market.

Watch the symbol for the delivery time -- the price seemed to vary depending
on estimated delivery time, and the price was cheapest when the stock level
was highest and estimated delivery time shortest.

- Tom

On Dec 6, 2007 6:25 AM, Paul Negus < Paul.Negus at ipl.com> wrote:

> Hi listers
> To quote Richard:
> "A lot of people are still recommending the Kumhos which you know I put
> on my
> BN2 this year and I am very happy".
> I've just been phoning around to obtain 165/80 R15 tyres for my 100/6 in
> the UK. Three Kumho agents that I tried reported no stock and then
> checked with the UK importers who said that this size is now
> discontinued. This may just be for the UK market but I suggest that
> anyone thinking of Kumhos gets them sooner rather than later!
> Also, Toyo and Hankook have now discontinued their tyres in 165/80 15
> size, at least in the UK.
> One other make besides the Vredesteins that is still available in 165/80
> 15 in the UK at a reasonable price is Gislaved (Scandinavian) - they fit
> one of the 1950s Volvos.
> Regards
> Paul

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