[Healeys] Tires

pennell at cox.net pennell at cox.net
Wed Dec 5 18:45:16 MST 2007

Ron et al,

The 185/70 has about the same diameter as the 165 tires.  I believe the 165s are 80 aspect.

What do the rest of us do who want a taller tire though?  My BJ8 is long overdue for tires.  Currently running some OLD 185 redlines.

Keith Pennell

> I recently purchased a set of Vredestein 165HR15 Sprint Classics ($85)  from 
> Universal Vintage Tire in :Hershey, Pennsylvania for my 100-4.  They have the 
> correct diameter and a vintage tread design. They look great  and drive great. 
> Universal also has this tire in 185/70HR15 ($115) which would  be a better 
> choice for the 3000 since it is a more powerful car and can make  good use of a 
> wider tire.
> Ron Varley
> BN2

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