[Healeys] king pin and thrust washer clearance

andy pole ampole at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 5 09:31:52 MST 2007

Gary Managed to complete this last night, what I didnt realise till after I
tried a few times (the swivel pin wouldnt move) is that adding the washers
reduces the lift (didnt dawn on me untill I sat down and studied the swivel
pin shaft steps and trunnion). I firstly added more washers like an idiot then
when I realised, I found I only needed a middle thickness and very thin
staybrite washer each side of the oilite to give the 0.002 ' lift measured as
you and I assumed between the bottom of the housing and swivel pin.Only other
thing to note is that the kits supply an o ring which is for the recess on the
top of the bottom bush to seal against the dust cover, its not in place of the
swivel pin cork washer that fits in the recess of the bottom bush to swivel
pin (where you measure the lift). This cork washer is not supplied, I managed
to make one from some 1/4' thick cork sheet and some wad punches. The only
other thing you may need to replace is the half moon cotter pins that lock in
the fulcrum pin bushes to the wishbone arms (you get the bushes but not the
cotter pins in the kit). will post some pictures on my photo abum (link on
John Simms BN6 website) Are you doing a full restoration like me (1966 Bj8)
cheers Andy

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