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Patrick and Caroline Quinn p_cquinn at tpg.com.au
Sun Dec 2 04:07:31 MST 2007

G'day Peter

I had exactly the same problem over a year ago.

I put it down to fuel problems so had the pump rebuilt, fitted a new inline
filter and even thought the little breather in the filler cap was blocked. I
had the engine tuned professionally and thought it ran beautifully until the
first hill. Pffffttt?

The engine would continue to run but there was no power. I forgot the number
of times I took the carbs to pieces. I suspected a fuel blockage and thought
about removing the tank for cleaning. Did fuel flow tests etc etc. 

I wrote a little piece in "Flat Chat" the AHOC NSW magazine when a fellow
member in the country told me that he had the same problem in his BN1, A90
Atlantic and Austin Princess.

It turned out that the inside diameter of the inline fuel filters was too
narrow restricting the flow of fuel. So I chucked my into the bin replacing
it with a rubber fuel hose. I have not had a problem since.

Try it and see what happens.

Hoo Roo

Patrick Quinn
Sydney, Australia 

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G'day list - hope someone might be able to help me diagnose this:
occasionally, and with no particular pattern, the Ward Special's BN1 motor
misfires. I can be cruising on a light thottle at, say, 2000 rpm in top, and
without warning the car misfires and loses power. This happened again a
of times today on an 80 mile round trip to the AHOC Qld Christmas lunch. All
dash indicators show normal. I've found that if I dip the clutch & rev the
motor, it will  clear, often with a backfire and (I'm told by people
following) a puff of black smoke. I suspect a fuel issue of some sort - I
a Facet fuel pump which appears to be functioning OK; there are 2 filters in
the line, both of which I've changed; I've checked the float chambers and
they're clean. The carbs have been overhauled in the last few years and I'm
pretty handy at setting them up after 40 years with SU's. THe only minor
indication of anything inconsistent is that no. 2 plug looks a bit darker
the other 3.

Any ideas?


Peter Linn
Brisbane Oz
BN1 Ward Spl coupe
Healeys at autox.team.net

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