[Healeys] VIN plate

WILLIAM B LAWRENCE ynotink at msn.com
Sat Dec 1 13:08:38 MST 2007

I don't really think there is a movement to do anything like this, but it 
seems like the mechanism is there...

Bill Lawrence

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>Tell us how you really feel Bill!
>On Dec 1, 2007 10:53 AM, WILLIAM B LAWRENCE <ynotink at msn.com> wrote:
> > What's to keep a bunch of environazis from touring car shows and 
> > out to their bureaucratic buddies which number plates have obviously 
> > removed from the car at some point thus causing them to be confiscated
> > removing all those old pollution spewing throwbacks from the road and
> > placing their owners in 2 horsepower bubble cars (where all of us lesser
> > beings belong) so that the elites can continue to commute
> > intercontinentally
> > on executive jets and provide fuel for their fleets of armored 
> >
> > Just a random thought.
> >
> > Bill Lawrence

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