[Healeys] Re: Battery Post ????

John Loftus loftusdesign at cox.net
Sat Dec 1 12:30:11 MST 2007


Most likely you will need to dig down removing some lead around the broken off screw until
you can get a needle nose vise grip or something similar to back out the screw. If successful,
you can then get some lead (fishing weights work well), put them in a metal spoon or cup and
apply heat from below with a propane torch. It doesn't take much heat to melt the lead and you can
then pour it into the damaged area. Let it cool and then hammer the new lead carefully to get 
it to flatten out and fill the voids better. Then you can redrill the post for a new screw (tape the
drill so you only go as deep at the other post hole).

Anyway, this worked for me on a stripped out battery post. Wear safety glasses and take your time.


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