[Healeys] Front Bumper Dissasembly

pennell at cox.net pennell at cox.net
Sat Dec 1 11:23:03 MST 2007


Those nuts are pretty easy to loosen up in their holes as you may know.  I believe I would try to loosen the bolts first with lots of penetrating oil and patience.  If It looks like they will not come then cut off the heads.  This will allow you to get the bumper off and then you can try unscrewing maybe with vice grips.  Next is to try screw extractors.  Do not damage the threads in the nuts!

My .02
Keith Pennell

> For those that have been down this road.   I am disassembling the front
> bumper, however the bolts that go into the captured bumper nuts have been in
> there for 40 plus years.   Soooooo rather than snapping off the bolts in those
> nuts,   what have others done to loosen these up?   I don't see anyway to even
> get the "rust buster straw extension"  into these areas.   Is heat on the bolt
> head the only option here?
> Thanks,   Mark

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